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What to do in East Tennesse

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East Tennessee is in the eastern part of the State of Tennessee in America. It has 33 counties that border the Appalachian Mountains.

East Tennessee Mountains

Summer in East Tennessee

We all love the onset of summer. Those lazy, long days when you have nothing to do before you utter the words boredom is killing me! Well, this summer, how about you consider visiting East Tennessee? You’ll find a load of activities to choose from, that I guarantee you!

We have hundreds of activities, events, and attractions in Knoxville and nearby counties. So, I’m pretty darned sure it would be worth your while to come check them out.



Knoxville is famous for its gorgeous backdrop of water and mountains. It has a great balance between urban and small town. City slickers might feel like they’ve entered another world. But hey, you’ll be wowed by the Southern charm.

Other attractions include the Ayres Wall, which is a gorgeous building with amazing architecture. Then there is the University of Tennessee, which is also beautifully designed. For lovers of football, you will have an opportunity to watch Tennessee Football at the campus, which brings together different teams to battle it out in league football. The UT Campus and Neyland Stadium on the river

Love football?

Then come and watch a campus game. Going to a league football game is so much fun!

There’s always something happening at the University of Tennessee campus and Neyland Stadium on the river. If you love your sports, then check out the list of events.

For lovers of history and farms, there is the Appalachia Museum. Located 20 minutes from Knoxville, the museum has artefacts and ancient pioneer buildings from the regions surrounding the Appalachian Mountains.

For those of you who love art, you’ll surely enjoy the rich art collections and music performances in the museum.

Small town feel

Knoxville offers the Market Square that presents a mixture of urban and small town feeling. You can visit the Farmers Market for shopping and have a taste of some culinary options. There is also live music, and the Market Square is home to various festivals, such as the International Biscuit Festival, Sundown in the City and the Dogwoods Art Festival.


Another interesting place is Gatlinburg, which is surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 12 million people from various parts of the world make yearly visits here so, why don’t you join them this coming summer and create memories worth remembering.

Then there is the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distiller. It’s legal now! Once a moonshine distillery for illegal alcohol, there are ten different flavors you can sample in this Tennessee moonshine distillery.

Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is another tourist destination, which may be less glamorous than Gatlinburg but certainly worth visiting for its views, malls, restaurants, music theatres, and cart race tracks.

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